The Design Journal (2016)

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Tamminen, P., & Moilanen, J. (2016). Possibility-Driven Spins in the Open Design Community. The Design Journal, 19(1), 47-67, DOI:


This case study is a description of the open design community. The study identifies the main characteristics and methods of operation that frame and drive activities in the community. Qualitative research methods were mainly employed to gather and analyse the data. Work in the open design community is collaborative; it is a symbiosis of interests between profit-making companies and members of the community resulting in win–win situations. A word spin in the title of this paper indicates fast turns in the practices of the open design community. The study also proposes a potential direction for the future development of self-sufficient design and production of artefacts, platforms and services in an almost untouched area of scientific research.

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Research group

Strategic Design Integration and Management research group (SDIM) is at the Department of Design, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Aalto University, Finland