Proceedings of DRS2018: Design as a Catalyst for Change (2018)

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Dziobczenski, P.R.N., Person, O., Tonetto, L.M. & Mandelli, R.R. (2018). Requests from Companies and Requirements for Design Education in Brazil: where do they meet?. In C. Storni, K. Leahy, M. McMahon, P. Lloyd, & E. Bohemia (Eds.), Proceedings of DRS2018: Design as a Catalyst for Change (pp. 2824-2835). Limerick. Doi: 10.21606/dma.2018.535


In this paper, we study what companies request from applicants for graphic design positions in Brazil. Based on a document analysis of 371 job advertisements, we uncover 35 different types of requests which we structure in terms of (1) Design deliverables, (2) Knowledge and skills and (3) Personal traits. In addition, we explore how the content of job advertisements potentially can inform educational developments by reporting on a group interview with design educators. In the interview we explore the degree to which different requests in the advertisements are covered in a regulatory educational design policy document for higher education in Brazil. Our results show that requests for skills in 2D software, an ability to deliver print and digital design outcomes and knowledge of layout and photography are frequently occurring in the studied advertisements. We also describe how the educators could locate the majority of the requests in reviewing the educational policy document. We end the paper by discussing how job advertisements could be further studied and used by design educators and practitioners.

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