Design for Government (2015)

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Annala, M., Kaskinen, T., Lee, S., Leppänen J., Mattila, K., Neuvonen, A., Nuutinen, J., Saarikoski, E. & Tarvainen, A. (2015). Design for Government: Human-centric governance through experiments, The Prime Minister’s Office of Finland. ISBN nid. 978-952-287-180-0


The White Paper proposes a new, quick-to-implement model for Finnish policy design employing various approaches, including design and behavioural insight. The use of behavioural approaches as part of governmental steering has been shown to make policy more user-orientated, targeted and efficient. The model was developed by the consortium between Demos Helsinki, Avanto Helsinki, and Aalto University.

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Strategic Design Integration and Management research group (SDIM) is at the Department of Design, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Aalto University, Finland